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Are you looking for an exercise program that is fun, energetic, fresh, and will give you quick results? Z-Box combines segments of gym-style boxing and exciting dance to rockin' upbeat music tracks, followed with a laser focused segment of specific muscle group toning using hand weights and by a fat busting abs segment. The Grand Finale . . . aka the Relaxing Finale is . . . Z.E.N., a fusion of both mind AND body workout. Work. Breathe. Relax. See what others are saying about this dynamic, fusion exercise program! Find a class now!

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Are you looking for a fun program to teach where you can be creative, innovative, and not be forced to teach choreographed routines that everyone else is teaching? Do you want to take your fitness status to the next level and become a well-versed, instructor with even more tools at your disposal? Teach Z-Box and offer your students kickboxing, dancing, body toning, mat (mat used in the one hour Z-Box classes), and relaxation (Z.E.N.) all within one workout! Or host a workshop at your facility! Experience the Difference!

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What is Z-Box

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Z-Box. Experience the Difference. An Original Fitness Program.

Z-Box Fitness was created for all fitness levels and ALL bodies. Our goal is to help clients believe in themselves with self-acceptance, a healthy body and peaceful mind (e.g., deleting the negativity from our thoughts). We are faced daily with the media telling us what we should look like, how skinny we should be, or the younger we look the more beautiful we are. That is unacceptable.

Z-Box Fitness is sweeping the nation! An original program! Z-Box Fitness® (the Z is short for Z.E.N.) blends the hippest dance moves from yesterday and today with exciting boxing moves. Z-Box’s total-body workout offers a host of resistance training, incredible ab blasting moves and finishes up with Z.E.N., a unique relaxation experience. You will feel exhilarated, challenged and finally relaxed - Expect quick and amazing results! Need more convincing? Read what others are saying or watch it . . .

YOU Will Feel Exhilarated! Expect Quick Results! No Dancing or Boxing Background or Skills Required!

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Z-Box Fitness is the tool to help you reach your fitness goals and more.

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