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Born in the United States, Detroit Michigan, 2002


Donna and Debbie Lim are identical twins and known as "The Lim Twins" in the fitness industry. Donna and Debbie have been achieving outstanding results in the fitness industry for over 37 years. They are both strongly rooted in aerobics, weight training and, of course, dance. Donna discovered yoga/pilates/mat types of training and meditation/relaxation, while Debbie found boxing and Tai Chi (they used to watch their Grandfather do Tai Chi). When they combined their techniques together, they knew they had something new, original and exciting to offer to their students and communities. Z-Box Fitness was born! (The "Z" stands for Zone+Envision+Nature). In addition to the Z-Box DVD, Z-Box Workshops are now offered to group fitness instructors nationwide to be trained and certified to teach Z-Box at their clubs/studios. November 2011, they released their long overdue first DVD, Z-Box Fitness, The Workout. The HD DVD was recorded in the heart of Detroit, Michigan.


Click to View Larger ImageZ-Box Fitness® technique utilizes intermittent training by varying intensity bursts of exercise (fun dance moves) with decreased intensity recovery periods. This style has incredible advantages. It is the quickest way to get fit, lose fat, and be supercharged for optimal fitness. Throw in the weights and you speed up the process even more!

45-Min Session: Includes Hand Weights for Total Body Toning and Standing Z.E.N.
60-Min Session: Includes Hand Weights for Total Body Toning, Incredible Abs to help you get chiseled in the middle! and Z.E.N. Relaxation

This will blend all of our fitness styles into one NEW exciting fitness experience . . . "Z-BOX Fitness®"

Cardio Boxing

Z-Box Fitness is an entirely different program and experience! The concentration of "boxing" will be on the basics of kickboxing moves, such as front jabs, cross jabs, uppercuts, front kicks, etc. These moves will have different variations to bring your heartrate up within your target heart rate (THR) range.


You do not need to know how to dance to do the dance portion of Z-Box Fitness! Dance steps are kept basic with no more than three or four steps per track at different variations to those three steps.

Style MagazineBody Toning
Adding weight training to Z-Box is very important to see fast results. Such as - increase your metabolism naturally, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, strengthens your bones, and add lean muscle weight!

Custom Made Lavendar Spray Z.E.N.Z.E.N. - Relaxation

Each letter represents an important aspect of the Z-Box Program:
"Z" = Zone. This is where you try to find your comfort zone. Once you find your zone, you can relax your mind and body.
“E” = Envision. To achieve calm and tranquility, we must try to envision ourselves where we most would like to be.
“N” = Nature. All things have balance and this is ultimately what we strive for.

The Z-Box Fitness routines combine segments of gym-style boxing and exciting dancing to upbeat music tracks. Next is an added segment of specific muscle group toning using hand weights. The final segment is Z.E.N., a fusion of both mind and body workout. There are two types of Z.E.N.™ taught in a Z-Box Fitness® class: 1. Standing Z.E.N.™ mimics Tai Chi, but with our own twist to it. Each movement is positive and flowing. 2. Z.E.N. Mat Fusion™ includes a variety of mat exercises using props, poses, and more, all while focusing on your breathing. For both Standing Z.E.N. and Z.E.N. Mat Fusion, we patterned the movements to imitate either nature, the earth, or the movement of animals.

What we don’t do: chant, meditate, or speak words that you cannot pronounce in a Z.E.N. or a Z-Box class. Z.E.N. is NOT religious.


Experience the difference. An original program! Z-Box Fitness® (the Z is short for Z.E.N.) blends the hippest dance moves from yesterday and today mixed with basic boxing moves. You will complete Z-Box’s total body workout with a host of resistance training, incredible abs and end with ZEN (Zone+Envision+Nature), a relaxation experience. You will feel exhilarated - Expect quick results! You deserve it. This class caters to ALL Fitness Levels!


Students love it! Moreover, instructors have fun teaching the variety Z-Box has to offer! Because of the demand, we wanted to offer instructors on how to teach Z-Box so they can gain the same rewards as we do and at the same time, earn 7.0 AFAA CEUs while attending an affordable Z-Box workshop. During our Z-Box workshops, we go back to basics on how to teach, what makes a quality instructor, smooth transitions, muscle groups, and more.

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