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ZEN Boxer LogoDo You Have What It Takes To Become A Z-Box Presenter Candidate?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Z-Box® Presenter Candidate. 

Z-Box Fitness is accepting applications for individuals to be part of a growing Team of highly trained group fitness Instructors, specializing in Z-Box Fitness, in many regions across the United States.

Z-Box Fitness is  looking  for candidates who are driven to provide quality education and skills for tomorrow’s fitness leaders in the field of Z-Box Fitness. We are pursuing those individuals who are highly experienced and educated in dance, cardio boxing, mat workout, and some Yoga/Pilates background (since ZEN moves/poses are in the same category as Yoga/Pilates).

The Candidate must be outgoing, energetic, and someone who is active in their community. The Candidate must attend the Z-Box Instructors Workshop and is currently offering Z-Box Fitness classes to their community. The Candidate should be active in the Z-Box Blog, Z-Box community, or other promotions that Z-Box Fitness currently have. We need our Z-Box Presenter to have a great personality.

Z-Box Fitness does not discriminate against race, size, age, or gender. Z-Box Fitness has been known to hire Presenters and Instructors to have the "natural look".

The Candidate must be AFAA certified. If the selected candidate does not have the certification at time of application, candidate must have the certification before offering an Instructors workshop in their community.

Since Z-Box Fitness will be new to some communities and therefore the Candidate will be new to Z-Box Fitness, the Candidate will initially need to attend or host a successful Z-Box Fitness workshop. However, this does not mean the Candidate will be selected as a Presenter. The application process will include an audition. The details of the audition will be included along with other information once selected, to continue to Phase Two of the Application process.  Phase One will consist of completing an online application. Please contact us to request more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Debbie and Donna
Creators of Z-Box Fitness

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