Z-Box Fitness® is designed for the body, soul, and mind; we want you to get the full benefits of this program by adding our own, original Z.E.N. flare to Z-Box

Z.E.N. - Relaxation
Each letter represents an important aspect of the Z-Box Program:
"Z" = Zone. This is where you try to find your comfort zone. Once you find your zone, you can relax your mind and body.
“E” = Envision. To achieve calm and tranquility, we must try to envision ourselves where we most would like to be.
“N” = Nature. All things have balance and this is ultimately what we strive for.

Z.E.N. calming, relaxing, breathing techniques, and fluent movements that mimic Tai Chi moves. By incorporating “Z.E.N.” into Z-Box Fitness®, it completes the program.

Z.E.N. is the relaxation/Mat Fusion portion of Z-Box: for the body, soul, and mind.

Z.E.N. is a conscious effort to train the mind to be fully present by controlling the breath, mind, and body in one balanced moment.

Z.E.N. is user-friendly for all fitness levels and bodies. You go at your own pace in this mat workout. Z.E.N. is linked together with the best of body sculpting and poses followed by a deep relaxation.

Benefits include flexible spine, long lean muscles, core strength and a relaxed state-of-mind. Z.E.N. is non-intimidating, non-judgmental form of exercise. Learn to listen to your body and follow your intuition while making your Z.E.N. practices your own.

There are two types of Z.E.N.™ taught in a Z-Box Fitness® class:

    1. Standing Z.E.N.™ mimics Tai Chi, but with our own twist to it. Each movement is positive and flowing.
    2. Z.E.N. Mat Fusion™ includes a variety of mat exercises using props, poses, and more, all while focusing on your breathing.

For both Standing Z.E.N. and Z.E.N. Mat Fusion, we patterned the movements to imitate either nature, the earth, or the movement of animals.

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