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Please see below for answers to questions that we received and you may have regarding Z-Box Fitness.
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Q: What exactly is Z-Box?
A: Experience the difference. An original program! Z-Box Fitness® (the Z is short for ZEN) blends the hippest dance moves from yesterday and today mixed with basic boxing moves. You will complete Z-Box’s total body workout with a host of resistance training, incredible abs and end with Z.E.N. (Zone+Envision+Nature), a relaxation experience. You will feel exhilarated - Expect quick results! You deserve it. This class caters to ALL Fitness Levels!

Q: Is Z.E.N. religious? I don't want anything to do with Yoga or programs like it.
A: Z.E.N. has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with relaxation. Z.E.N. focuses on breathing - breathe in the light, breathe out the darkness. Z.E.N. stands for Zone-Envision-Nature. There are two types of Z.E.N. to expect in a Z-Box class. Standing Z.E.N. that mimics Tai Chi but with positive, flowing movements. Or Z.E.N., a mat fusion workout. It includes a variety of mat exercises using props, poses, and more. You will never chant, meditate, or hear words that you cannot pronounce in a Z.E.N. or Z-Box class. You will be asked to concentrate on your breathing, how your body is feeling, and to Let Go. Z.E.N. is a positive experience.

Q: What fitness level do I have to be to do Z-Box?
A: Z-Box caters to ALL fitness levels. You go your own pace. We always encourage participants to go at their own level. In fact, Z-Box always give participants options. Z-Box is easy to follow, yet intense. You WILL sweat in a Z-Box class - and do we LOVE IT!

Q: How many calories can I burn from a Z-Box workout?
A: You can burn 500-700+ or more calories in a one-hour Z-Box class! (actual number varies per participant fitness level and exertion)

Q: Z-Box is not offered in my area. How can I request it?
A: Let your club/facility know that you are interested in Z-Box and ask them to contact us for more information. We will do our best to get Z-Box in your area!


Q: Where do I sign up for an instructors workshop?
Due to Z-Box's popularity, instructors workshops are being scheduled upon request by clubs and studios. Z-Box believes in compensating hosts for their hard work in promoting their Z-Box workshops. Hosts can now earn money. To learn more, please click here.

Q: After completing the workshop are participants able to teach classes on their own or is there a certification process as well? What is involved in the certification process, and is there a fee to certify?
A: After completing the workshop, instructors should be able to teach Z-Box classes on their own (we are always available to help, if needed). We do offer a practical and short exam for those who would like to try to earn the elite status as a certified ZEN Boxer Plus or ZEN Boxer Pro.

Q: Will I earn AFAA or ACE Continuing Education Credits?
A: Z-Box Fitness is an AFAA Authorized Continuing Education Provider. You will earn 7.0 AFAA CEUs. We are currently working on becoming an ACE Continuing Education Provider. Meanwhile, if you are ACE certified and attend a Z-Box workshop we encourage you to petition for CECs.

Q: What will each will I earn once I complete the workshop?
A: You will earn an official ZEN Boxer Certification of Completion (suitable for framing) at the end of the workshop.

Q: What if I lost my certificate or want to change my last name on it?  
There is a $15.00 fee for all replacement certificates payable prior to shipment (along with a $2.00 processing fee for credit card payment; no fee for check or money order).

Q: Are facilities required to pay a licensing fee to offer Z-Box?
We do not require or charge a licensing fee to offer Z-Box at your facility. However, we do require that the instructors attend the Z-Box workshop to gain the skills and knowledge to successfully teach a Z-Box class.

Q: Is there a fee to post my Z-Box classes on the Z-Box website?
Z-Box does not charge a fee to post your Z-Box classes on the website. Click here to submit your request.

Q: Do you provide any marketing materials?
We do provide marketing materials for you to promote your workshop. We will also provide marketing materials for your Z-Box classes, upon request.

Q: Is this a “workshop” or a certification?  
It is a workshop to earn the AFAA CEUs and to learn a new, motivating workout - for the mind, body and spirit. Instructors who completes the workshop will be classified as: not certified instructors - Z.E.N. Boxer Certified and certified instructors (e.g., AFAA, ACE, ACSM) Z.E.N. Boxer Plus Certified. We will offer an option at the end of the workshop for instructors who would like the opportunity of moving up the next level (Plus and Pro). It will involve a practical and written test.

Q: How many hours does a workshop usually run?
A: In order to comply with AFAA’s requirements of providing instructors with 7.0 CEUs, the workshop will be 7 hours of practical and lecture. We promise to make this a fun day! This is definitely not your typical fitness workshop. Attend and you will see!

Q: I am new to teaching group exercise, will this workshop be okay for me to attend?
A: Most definitely! Not only will you be able to teach a Z-Box class to your students, you will also learn everything you need to teach other forms of exercise in the workshop. We dedicated a topic on Quality Fitness Instructors.

Q: Who does the advertising for my workshop?
A: Once your facility is accepted and booked, we will email and send you plenty of materials to promote your workshop. Most of the advertising of your workshop will be up to you. We will list your workshop on our official Z-Box Fitness website and try to email instructors and/or clubs in your area to help promote your workshop. Unlike other workshops, we believe that hard work pays off and reward the host $150 on the day of the workshop, if s/he have the minimum of 18 paid pre-registered participants.

Q: How many participants do I need?
A: The minimum is typically 18, but may vary.

Q: Do you give group discounts?
A: We decided to no longer offer group discounts since our prices affordable, especially for a specialty workshop like Z-Box. Plus, our prices are inexpensive compared to other fitness workshops. We do however, periodically offer discount codes on our Facebook Page. Please visit our workshop Page for a upcoming dates and locations. If you do not see a location close to you and interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us.

Q: Do you accept major credit cards?
Yes. We accept all major credit cards if paying online in a secured environment. You can also call us at 248.987.6930 with your credit card information.

Q: When do I get my workshop material?
Registered participants will get their workshop material on the day of the workshop. We will bring extra material for walk-ins but if we run out, walk-ins will have theirs shipped via USPS (includes a $6.00 shipping fee).

Q: Are walk-ins accepted?
We highly encourage participants to pay in advance so we can bring enough materials the day of the workshop. However, if that is not possible, walk-ins are accepted but the registration will be at a higher cost with cash or credit card payments only.

Q: Can I pay online for my registration fee?
Yes. We conveniently accept online secured, payments. You can also register via snail mail (check or money order) or by telephone using your credit card.

Q: Can I get a refund if I cannot attend?
A: Please visit our Policy Page for more details.

Q: If I leave the workshop early, can I get my CEUs and Certificate?
A: Like any other popular fitness workshops, we will not be able to give you your CEUs and Certificate of Completion if you leave the workshop early or fail to attend. It would not be fair to the other instructors, nor would you gain the full knowledge of this specialized program by leaving early.

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